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Slim Ambition Keto But those who received the message that they looked good of their loved ones had maintained their weight and some had even thinned a bit. Participants, who had received few messages of acceptance of their loved ones, raised an average of 4.5 pounds (2 kilos ape). Those that received more messages of acceptance lowered one pound (0.5 kilos AP.). The results of the study show that if women who are worried about their weight know that their loved ones accept them as they are they feel better about their bodies, and therefore do not gain weight like the others. The critical pressure of loved ones on weight does not help women who are already worried about the problem. Rather it contributes to weight gain, although they were not previously worried, so the study highlights the importance of having a positive support group, made up of people who want the best for us and accept us with our defects and virtues. It can be said that if you feel satisfied with yourself, you tend to be more physically active and to eat better. And if you receive unconditional acceptance of the people you love, you are more likely to feel less stress, a well-known cause of weight gain. Therefore, if a family member or friend is a bit overweight, refrain from making a negative comment, even with the best intention. A "message of acceptance" will make you feel better about yourself, and it is even possible that you help her to download some book (or kilo) that has more. Before thinking about how to lose weight and maintain an ideal weight, it is important that you reflect on how you gained weight. Because those extra pounds that you have in your body did not appear overnight. Do you have in mind to lose weight and achieve an ideal weight? If this is your case, maybe it has happened to you that if you look back, you probably do not remember when it was the last time you did any kind of exercise. If you open your fridge, you will surely find that half of the foods that fill it are not the most recommended for a balanced diet, and that many are really appetizers that you could not contain (all this happens to us). You can even check in the calendar how long you are eating and acting in the same way, and you will surely realize that you have been there for several weeks or months.